Take Your Emotional Intelligence to the Next Level!

Emotional SMARTS® provides an intelligent way to support individuals, teams and organizational culture to unpack emotions in their personal and professional lives.

There's a difference between being emotionally intelligent and demonstrating Emotional SMARTS® during difficult or emotionally stressful situations. This program starts with a quick look at your emotional intelligence in several different categories (four cornerstones) and unpacks your competencies in these areas.

During the program, you take the information that you learn about yourself; your own emotions and learn how to make a difference using specific tactics that get you results in these challenging situations.

Within hours, you immediately put what you get from the Emotional SMARTS® into action. You don’t have to wait for days, nor weeks, to actually be more emotionally smart. The program helps you identify strategies to help you demonstrate and improve your Emotional SMARTS®

Let Emotional SMARTS® change how you see Emotional Intelligence and boost you, and your team’s chemistry, cohesion, Emotional Intelligence, community spirit and performance.

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“I wish I had access to this information eight years ago. I would probably still be at a previous job.”
Oil Field Service Representative, Energy Industry

"Dr. June Donaldson comes across as very honest, intelligent, humorous, likeable, knowledgeable and a very good presenter. I think I looked at my watch twice in the two days and that was because she mentioned the time.”
IT Professional

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