The following identifies popular keynotes and learning topics that have garnered excellent feedback over the years. The content is realistic, workable and appropriate for today's workplace challenges and the needs and wants of cultural and demographic cohorts.

Content is often adjusted to fit meeting or conference timelines, budgets and learning themes. (See People SMART Workshops). And always, the material is presented in a manner that is education, encouraging and fun!

A. Emotional Intelligence for Personal and Professional Leadership
B. Relationship Building - OR "Why can't THEY be more like ME?"
C. Getting a Grip on Change - Staying Sane at Home and at Work!
D. Butting Heads - Taking the Sting out of Conflict!
E. Branding Your Uniqueness - With Style and Grace.

Topic A: Emotional Intelligence for Personal and Professional Leadership.

Demonstrating your Emotional SMARTS®, otherwise known as emotional intelligence, is non-negotiable to your life, work and relationship success. It's all about how you apply your knowledge or wisdom to managing your emotions - and this is particularly important when life does a "run-away" on you! Your Emotional SMARTS®, in a very transparent way, greatly influence how you:

  • manage unrelenting personal and professional change.
  • lead with courage and vision (whether it is in the workplace, at home or in the sports arena).
  • work well in teams (in business, relationships or social groups).
  • provide empathic sales and service.
  • negotiate and manage conflict (which usually escalates when change and uncertainty take hold)!
Terms of reference have changed about what constitutes "competence" and forward thinking people and organizations "get it!" They work at having all employees - from the front line to the board room - competent and skilled at applying their Emotional SMARTS® so they effectively self-manage, appropriately behave, fluently build relationships and make quality decisions in getting the job done!

A pre-course or post-course Emotional SMARTS. Self-Scoring Profile is available, at a reasonable cost, to reinforce learning and development.

Topic B: Relationship Building - or "Why can't THEY be more like ME?"

Isn't it frustrating when people and their questionable or sometimes crazy behaviours get in the way of us doing what we want? Well ... life happens ... and this workshop provides insight into those very deep-rooted and personal motivators that result in others (and us) saying what is said and doing what is done!

Make no mistake about it - we all have very core and personal needs that must be met on a continual basis. These needs are driven by many factors: our behavioural style, gender, age group, cultural influences, thinking style, to name just a few! Many times people don't even know what their core needs are - and this places them at a disadvantage because then they don't know how to enhance the bright side of their style and more pro-actively manage the "dark side". Equally important, they don't know how to appreciate the bright side of others and react when they demonstrate the "dark side" of their behavioural style. This dynamic creates ripe territory for high tension interpersonal situations that directly lead to conflict!

To further complicate matters, when people don't know how to demonstrate high behavioural flexibility AND high Emotional SMARTS®, and their dark side consumes them (as often happens when people feel overwhelmed and out of control), they can be perceived in any one of four ways - as a "bully", "loose cannon", "wimp", or "anal" - descriptions most people don't want used on them.
This workshop is an eye opener for people who need to work with others to get the job done - whether that's at work, home, or in social groups!

Topic C: Getting a Grip on Change - Staying Sane at Home and at Work!

To say that "change is constant" is an understatement. Knowing the four phases of change that organizations, departments, relationships and even friendships MUST go through can position one to weather the emotional upheaval that accompanies the change cycles. It doesn't mean the changes will stop but what this information can do is make the very human reactions to those change cycles more predictable, understandable and manageable.

This knowledge can give people a greater sense of control over what is happening to them and around them. It can also help people be pro-active about how to best deal with personal and professional change on their horizon. Once done, they are better able to establish strategies so they don't find themselves becoming emotionally high jacked and saying or doing things that could become a CLM (Career Limiting Move)!

This change model makes sense - and consistently managing our very human reactions to change can only benefit us and everyone we come in contact with.

Topic D: Butting Heads - Taking the Sting out of Conflict.

What is it about conflict that results in many people either "leading with their left" or "heading for the hills to hide out"? You know the signs ... where people either come out of their corner with a passive- aggressive, combative or antagonistic approach or "hide out" hoping if they close their eyes long enough the conflict will go away?

It is our view that many people have simply never learned how to identify, assess, address and resiliently recover from conflict. They are often immobilized by dated thinking, unrealistic self-talk or inappropriate reactions.

People learn to mask, minimize or misrepresent conflict with the result being that small issues, which could easily be addressed early in a conflict cycle, aren't, and then they take on a life of their own.

The situation often then becomes bigger than big to where those involved become driven by ego and get to a place of loving to hate the "other guy," therefore totally losing sight of the real reasons for the conflict. We refer to this as getting to know "the story behind the story".

This workshop puts a face on conflict. It talks about the reasons for it, how it gets fuelled and how to lessen the intensity of it. Participants will leave with a conflict management process to administer in any situation. With practice, (and high Emotional SMARTS® and behavioural style flexibility) it is expected one's fear and trepidation about conflict would lessen, confidence in addressing conflict would increase and the individual would be able to demonstrate personal leadership by demonstrating a pro-active and forward-thinking new type of conflict management direction.

Topic E: Branding Your Uniqueness - With Style and Grace!

How do you distinguish your ideas, services, products or presentation from everyone else's? What process do you use to "cover your bases" when presenting your case? What action do you take to make you and your work "memorable"? What statements do you make to reinforce your likeability, trustworthiness and capabilities?

It's paramount for people in all professions, industries and organizations to know their answers to those questions. In our ever-changing and competitive world it's been said that "life is one long sales call". If you think that statement has merit, then you'll agree a great portion of one's day is often spent influencing others to do what you want them to do; see events as you see them; and ultimately support your idea or offering.

It doesn't matter whether you are a corporate executive; auto mechanic; legal, accounting or engineering professional; or service provider - you are first selling YOU! Then ... you highlight your credibility, expertise, knowledge, idea, service or product.

Remember, people usually support people they like - and you will increase your success if you brand your uniqueness in a way that is different from everyone else doing the same thing you are!

In today's complex times, savvy business professionals focus on maximizing their time and effort to work with others and achieve mutually desired results in the shortest possible timeframe.

The beauty of this workshop is that it can enable you to specifically identify action you can take to advance yourself and your offerings. You can quickly tailor presentations to be of high value to others, thereby achieving a "yes" sooner versus later. Last, you will identify action you can take to provide added value, thereby making it just that much easier for the other person to "buy in"!

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