What do people say about Dr. June Donaldson’s work?

“I wish I had access to this information eight years ago. I would probably still be at a previous job.”
Oil Field Service Representative, Energy Industry.

“Make it mandatory for all team leaders, managers, and executives.”
An Information Technology (IT) Team Leader.

“The material was very well laid out and not crammed. This made it much more relaxing, and fun to learn. It was easier to understand and get all the information and it left lots of time for other valuable feedback from everyone else.”
Business Analyst, Energy Sector.

“June Donaldson is a very enthusiastic instructor. She made this course fun and the information is very valuable in bettering relationships. She’ll be an outstanding Mediator!”.
A Leader in the Energy Industry.

“I would not change anything except to insist that everyone in the company attend this course.”
Sales Representative, Information Technology industry, Conflict Management workshop.

(The following email, sent to me on April 18, 2011, has been edited to save space and it said:)

June, It was in 1995 that we met and I wanted to let you know that even today my knowing you has paid off. I am still working at the xxxx as the Director of xxxx. I am thinking of you because I have a staff member that I ‘inherited’. about xx ago.

I had continued to have problems with xxx although I did try to use some of the things I learned from you. This person even took an emotional intelligence course within the last couple of years, but it appears that little was learned. Well, it was recently performance review time and I ended up laying things on the line for this person. For whatever reason, a light bulb went on and something finally made some sense for xxx. I brought in your book, Emotional SMARTS® and loaned it to them to read. Xxx returned it to me today and told me that they had also read parts of the book to their partner. Xxx has now ordered two copies of the book. There’s been a real change. Anyways, this all made me think about you again, which I do from time to time.” Director of an international organization.

“Some say you should not give top scores in order to leave room for improvement. This seminar has been provided at a very important time for me. Everything you have provided has touched me in some way. Thank you”.
An IT Professional. (P.S. This individual rated each category at the highest possible level).

“I found June to be a very positive influence on the group and her enthusiasm left quite an impression. Her personal anecdotes added a lot as well as her flexibility in adjusting the program on a moment’s notice - as well as doing something extra - having us re-do the survey in six months. June struck me as a highly intelligent, accomplished individual who has had an impact on my life well beyond the objectives of the course. Due to job changes I was ready to take a lesser job and basically call it quits by looking for satisfaction elsewhere. She has stirred up my spark again and I am chomping on the bit to bring back the old me. Thanks June.”
Financial Professional.

““Have everyone in Canada take the workshop. I appreciate it, thank you.”
Oil Field Service Representative from Northern Alberta, Energy industry.

June was awesome. Made it fun - was positive and compassionate.”
Administrative Professional.

“A smart course. Easy and practical for every aspect of one’s life in business or at home.”
Representative, Insurance Company.

“I wish we could have time for one on one with June just to discuss situations where we could improve”
A Federal Government employee in the Health profession.

“Enjoyed your humour and relaxed setting. Thanks so much for doing this – it’s making the world a better, safer place”
A Federal Government employee in the Health profession.

“June Donaldson comes across as very honest, intelligent, humorous, likeable, knowledgeable and a very good presenter. I think I looked at my watch twice in the two days and that was because she mentioned the time.”
An IT Professional.

The following feedback was given to the Curriculum Manager of an international IT company:

“Hello ____, I just wanted to drop you a line on the Emotional SMARTS! Training I received recently. This has been one of the best courses I have taken in my 25 years with ___. It is my opinion that this should be a strongly suggested course for everyone, if not mandatory. This would be a great compliment to any career identity and development course in that once people realize where they should be in relation to skills, likes and dislikes, inspiration and family they can then learn how to be emotionally smart in dealing with the position, their contacts, themselves, and their family.

“I wish to express my entire satisfaction for the one day seminar. The content attracted my attention from the beginning to the end. I classify it as a wakeup call on emotion. Thank you.”
An IT Professional.

“One day just doesn’t do justice.”
An IT Professional.

“June has an exceptional grasp of this topic and delivers her material in an enthusiastic manner.”
Sales Representative, Information Technology industry, Negotiation Skills workshop.

“Very well done! Maybe they will make this into a movie and call it ‘June and the Bean Counters!’”
Financial Analyst, Energy industry, Negotiation Skills workshop.

“Excellent course, spellbound throughout.” and “This was a very good course and if I am not selling a bunch of stuff by the end of the month, there must be something the matter with me.”
Two Sales and Service Representatives, Energy industry, Sales Call workshop.

“This has been the best course I have been on in my 17 years with _____. June was inspiring and gave me the confidence to be better in my work environment!”
Communications Specialist, Telecommunications industry, Sales Call workshop

“I’ve been in industry for over 30 years, in sales for 3 months, and I had just hit the wall. June refocused me and helped me realize what my objectives are.”
Sales Representative, Telecommunications industry, Sales Call workshop.

“Excellent skills and knowledge. It’s unfortunate she isn’t my manager. She’d be an incredible mentor!!”
Sales Professional, Information Technology industry, Negotiation Skills workshop

The following are comments from the Conference Planner of an educational organization on a keynote speech delivered to their annual conference.

“Thank you again for being such a key part of our conference! Your presentation set the tone for the next two days. I appreciate your connection to the conference theme and the highly relevant information that you presented so ably. From listening to some of the conversations at meals and evening social gatherings, there appeared to be an ongoing link to your “emotional smarts” presentation. I expect you will be contacted by a number of colleges interested in working with you.

I have been a fan of xxxx’s work for a number of years, so I was already interested in your topic. I was delighted to see the way you developed the emotional intelligence theme into such practical and specific applications. I would so love to go to your full workshop! Your book was popular! The book sales totaled xxxx and I will send you a bank draft for that amount. June, it has been a great pleasure to work with you and I hope to have that privilege again.”
Emotional SMARTS® keynote comments from the Conference Planner of an educational organization.

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