Who is Donaldson & Associates, Inc.?

Donaldson & Associates, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada is a consulting, keynote, workshop, retreat and coaching company. This learning and development organization was founded in 1987 by Dr. June A. Donaldson (MBA, EdD) Certified Mediator and Arbitrator.

June and her associates provide:

  1. Need Assessments: cost, time and resource efficient learning needs assessments for teams, departments or entire organizations.

  2. Curriculum Design: the identification, customization and creation of learning objectives and content that supports organizational needs, their culture and their business plan.

  3. Facilitation of: conference keynotes, workshops, retreats, lunch and learn, meetings and coaching sessions. June is a pioneer in linking Emotional SMARTS®, (otherwise known as "emotional intelligence") concepts with how people must perform in core knowledge and skill areas if they want to create productive, prosperous and pleasant work and home environments. June works with people from all levels of organizations to:

    • enhance their level of Emotional SMARTS® so they can be grounded, centered and focused as they work to achieve the best results possible for their time, money, energy, resources and talent.
    • manage unrelenting change and uncertainty.
    • provide courageous and visionary leadership.
    • contribute to pleasant and productive team building and collaboration.
    • provide empathic, responsive client sales, service and care.
    • effectively negotiate in a timely manner and
    • address conflict with confidence and capability.

  4. Mentoring and Coaching: uncover, discover and reframe thoughts, attitudes, emotions and behaviours so as to increase self-management; self-motivation; self-worth and self-achievement.

For more information on how the above services can be adapted to your organization in a cost effective, timely and culturally sensitive manner, please call June at 403 287-2244 to discuss your unique requirements.

Thank you.

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